173cm(5'8") / 67kg(145lbs )/ 43yo


Thank you for visiting my page! I'm a certified massage therapist/healer with 10 year experience in New York and Japan. You will be welcomed by my big smile and warm intuitive hands. I'm fluent in English; I have lived 1 year in Australia and 11years in New York. Feel free to contact me if you have any physical/mental/spiritual concerns. Looking forward to seeing in you!


Japanese style non oil massage. 

I use palm, thumbs, elbows and knees to work on your Meridians(energy lines) and Tsubos(pressure points). Includes a lot of stretches.

70mins /¥8000

90 mins /¥10000

Reiki: a hands-on healing modality originated in Japan. Somewhat similar to Chi-Gong.

Great for jet lags, stress, insomnia, as well as al types of physical problems.


70mins /¥8000

90 mins /¥10000



 I know you are very excited once you land in Japan! But your body and mind are already confused with all the time difference, climate change, language food etc. This combo session helps you to adjust to a new environment smoothly.

100 mins /¥12000

120 mins /¥15000



If you are mentally exhausted or not feeling well but can't tell exactly what it is,

then you may consider taking this session. Certain emotion causes uneasiness to a certain part of your body.

I gently fix and balance the energetic (non-physical)  areas outside of your body such as

chakras, auras, magnetic field etc.

120 mins /¥15000

150mins /¥18000


~coming soon~

120 mins /¥18000

includes 60 min Shiatsu or Reiki